Click on any image to see details of several projects that we have constructed

Project: Nikomideias-Kalamaria

Project: Domissima-Lakomma Chalkidiki

Project: House Elaiones-Panorama

Project: Bar-Restaurant Thessaloniki's Club

Project: Building Ν.Helvetia

Project: Chariseio Nursing Home (P.Syndika)

Project: House Αsteria-Panorama

Project: Building Pylaia

Project: Constantinides Estate - Chalkidiki

Project: Agia Triada

Project: House Triadi

Project: Building Kapetan Gkoni-Kalamaria

Project: Holy Church St.Trinity Polikastro

Project: Building Medi SPA & Laser

Project: Building Peraia

Project: Building N.Krini

Project: Building North - Thessaloniki's Port

Project: Mall on the road Thermi-Panorama